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During the cold weather I decided to correct some of my earlier mistakes such as not having the fork lowers chromed..  Since I like the fork guards, I ordered a set of fork lowers for a 2002 Vmax which have provisions to mount these correctly versus using silicone.  I had them machined for the thundercat rim.  Below are pics of the 2002 lowers after they were modified to accept the thundercat rim.

This pic shows the newer style lowers machined to accept the fork protectors.  I found the microfiche to be incorrect showing the 2001 fork lowers to be the same part number as the 2000 model..  The newer forks started in 2001 so if you order fork lowers ensure they are the correct part number or just order lowers for a 2002 Vmax.  If you want matte black lowers, order for a 2003 year model. 

: If you have the older style forks such as 1993-2000, you must order new dampening rods and bolts for the bottom which screw into the rods.  They changed the forks in 2001.  The rest of your parts will transfer over including racetech springs and emulators.

I recently added carbon covers from M and P for the XJR reservoirs.

You may also notice the black plastic plugs for the mirror bosses.
These plugs come stock on the Kawasaki ZZR1200 and I believe on the FJR1300 as well.

In the Yamaha shop one day and noticed a pair of led lit reflectors which are a direct replacement for the radiator cover reflectors..  They were around $50.00.

I found some on the internet here.

The pics below were taken with no flash so you can tell they are truly lit by led's.

The forks are removed in the above pics so it may look a little weird.

The only other upgrade planned for this winter is to chrome the differential housing.
Below are pics of the differential stripped of all its internals including bearings.

Here are two pics provided by Bill Miller showing the differential vent cap.  The top is separated from the shaft which is pressed into the housing.  This part is replaceable and you will find it in the microfiche.  If you're prepping your differential for chroming, you'll have to remove the vent cap prior to shipment.  Rather than ordering the exact replacement vent cap then sending to chrome shop, you can order a vent cap for any year Royal Star which is already chrome and costs only two dollars more.  Thanks for these pics Bill and your effort in removing the vent cap. 

Fork Lowers have returned from Chromemasters.. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

My area 51 project has been a custom billet bracket for my new led brake light configuration..

These pics show the bracket still chucked up in the bridgeport..

These four pics are the finished bracket with led's in place.  The led's came from Radiantz.  These are single element led's but you can purchase a circuit from Radiantz to make them dual element.  Multiple led strips may be wired to one dual element circuit.

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