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Today is New Years and what better way to start it off than to fix all those annoying issues on your max you've been tolerating all summer.
I decided the UFO exhaust is tired looking and could stand some refreshing so off it comes then out to Jet-Hot coatings.
The UFO logo rivets were drilled out and will be replace by rivets only.

Pipes are now back from Jet Hot..  See Below

Ever since the solid motor mounts were installed I've been fighting all sorts of things randomly loosening up such as my exhaust headers.
After looking through the Vmax parts fiche I realized I left an important part out.. the exhaust crush gasket.  No wonder they wouldn't
stay tight. Guess I got excited installing the new engine and overlooked these in the process.
Hopefully these will provide the vibration dampening and sealing I been looking for.


Finally got that FZ1 rotor and below are pics where I'm mocking it up for the correct spacer and brace length.

The spacer spec'd out to be .175 thick, .800 id and 1.27 od.  Brace arm from center hole to center hole will be 6.750".

More test fit pics below.. Almost ready to test ride.

5 Feb 05 Pics

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