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This Vmax was finally getting compliments on looks and had been getting compliments on the sound since the UFO pipes were installed.  This is what makes it all worthwhile.  Now it's time to get down to details.  In my opinion the stock rear rotor is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.. After repainting the rear rotor, I still wasn't happy with the look or performance.  MEK from Germany makes a kit which allows the fitment of a standard front caliper and front semi-floating rotor to the rear.  Not only does this improve braking but looks very nice.  I found a pair of front R1 low mileage rotors on eBay and another pair of R1 front calipers. 

Next was to remove those stock foot pegs. Since the R1 calipers have a blue inset, I thought a matching pair of pegs would look nice.  Look no further than the Lockhart Phillips catalog which have different colored pegs.  Since no Vmax pegs are available, I chose R1 pegs and modified them with a dremmel tool to fit.  Also had the carb diaphram covers chromed at Chromemasters.

This was about the time cycling computers were in so I installed a Sigma BC1400 and have enjoyed that $30.00 modification since it records and holds maximum speed.  This allows you to keep both eyes on the road while you're blistering down your favorite back road.

A few other cosmetic changes made during this time were the addition of scoop inserts that I won from BRM/Evo Tec's website, a custom carbon patterned radiator cover and Lockhart Phillips blue aluminum bike boltz to further enhance the R1 calipers.

The blue theme continues with an aluminum engine bolt kit from MEK. Replaced the diaphram cover bolts with blue aluminum.  Side covers were sent to Chromemasters. Lastly I added fork protectors from a 2001 Vmax.  They do not fit down on the 99 forks but can be siliconed on top and look fine.  The one inch fender spacers were made from 6061 aluminum by a local machine shop.

Although the clear clutch cover was pretty cool, there was nothing inside to catch the eye.

I got the bright idea of polishing the outer diaphram spring.  It does not polish up well, nor does the retaining ring. It just never caught my eye so I had the retaining ring chromed and now looks much better.

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