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With most handling issues resolved, it was time to tackle the 1985 styling in favor of a more modern look.

Led lighting was all the rave and I had to have it.. Just couldn't decide how or where to mount the led tail light.. After seeing another max with the reflector area modified I knew there probably wasn't any better place.  I found a couple of LED's from Signal Dynamics and decided to experiment with placement.  I removed the ugly factory light and tag along with the metal inner fender, then fabricated a bracket to relocate the tag.  The chrome tag frame is from the Harley shop and cost seven dollars.

Two Signal
          Dynamics Led's.

I was not happy with this configuration.. The lights did not look cleanly mounted so I racked my brain for another solution.

 Someone on the vmaxtech list mentioned the rear plastic reflector housing was actually chrome underneath the grey paint.. I decided to find out and ordered the plastic housing..  The space for the reflector was perfect for fitment of one of the led's so I took the dremel tool, made the cutout then rubbed with mineral spirits to remove the grey paint.  You can see below it is indeed chrome underneath.

Stock reflector
          housing stripped of grey paint and cutout for led.Housing ready with led installed.Mounted on

This configuration proved to be the most visually appealing but the least functional.
The led is fine at night but cannot be seen well during the day.  Nevertheless, form wins over function for now.

Next order of business was getting rid of those ugly blinkers, mirrors and handlebars.  Mario to the rescue for mirrors.. Always loved the look of bar end mirrors and Mario has the best looking mirrors I've ever seen.  The blinkers came from Lockhart Phillips.  After two trips to Daytona and seeing other maxes as well as sitting on them, drag bars were for me. Those came from Flanders and ordered through my dealer via Partsmaster catalogue.

Mario's Radical Bolt Mirrors.

Flanders drag bars compared with stock.

Lockhart Phillips carbon look front mini blinkers and matching rear.

It was around this time I installed a Dynatek 3000 ignition.  This unit has seven different curves including two retard curves for nitrous or blower applications, the stock curve and four advanced curves.  It also has an adjustable rev limiter which is why I purchased the unit.  It's a direct replacement for the stock ignition. 

After installing the Flanders bars, the stock reservoirs were just ugly, one leaking brake fluid eating all the paint from the edges.  A simple request from the list turned up a response from Sam Blumenstein who recommended XJR 1300 reservoirs which not only look great but have mirror bosses and adjustable levers.  Since the levers were being changed, this was the best time to install Galfer stainless steel brake lines.  The XJR reservoirs were purchased from Mick Hone motorcycles in Australia via the internet. I highly recommend doing business with these folks if you're looking for European bike parts. 

14mm XJR Brake
          Reservoir5/8 XJR Clutch

The bike is looking better and getting closer to the look I'm after but there's always room for improvement.. Grab rail came off and went to Chromemasters. Around this time I heard about upgrading the front brakes to R1 calipers so EBay hooked me up with a set from a 2001 R1.  Most definitely a worthwhile upgrade.  Even with the stock R1 pads, you will notice a difference.  If you have early model forks, you cannot use R1 calipers unless you get or fabricate adapters. Top this off with a UFO clear clutch cover with the double d clutch mod and you've got something that catches everyone's eye at the local hangout.  The billet engine breather cover between the cylinders is from the Royal Star accessory line and is a direct bolt on.

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