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The custom FZ1 hanger bracket is complete and passed its test run.


Photo shoot for upcoming article in "Makes and Models" Magazine

3 December photo shoot for "Makes and Models" Magazine, Gold's Gym, Hwy 280, Birmingham Alabama
19 December photo shoot for 07 calendar, Wright Equipment, 1st Ave North, Birmingham Alabama

The cure for your big block max

This one off radiator was made specifically for a big bore max belonging to Rich Scharf.  The external dimensions are almost exactly the same as the stock
one but it is twice as thick. It has a capacity of 4 pints while the stock one has a capacity of only 2 pints. Please click Rich's name to email him with any questions you have about this radiator.

Airbox has been digitized for potential improvements.

The 1500 is broke AGAIN.. Seems #4 cylinder is down on compression, somewhere around 135lbs as compared to 170 on the others.
So.. it's headed north to Oceanside once again for repair.  This is getting old so think twice before you build a big bore machine.
This time I decided to ship the engine via Yellow freight thus motor has to be palletized/crated.  Below are some pics with what I came up with.
Maybe this will give ideas to anyone who's interested in crating or palletizing a V-max engine.

Started with a standard solid surfaced pallet and cut almost in half to better accommodate motor.
Added 4X4's for motor to rest on then sprayed with truck bed liner to protect against oil/antifreeze.

Rear of engine showing how it was secured to 4X4s.  Used steel flat bar with 1/4 X 1" wood lags to secure to wood.
Used metric bolts in existing tapped bosses on underside of engine.
Had plenty of aluminum stock laying around so decided to build framework to secure
front.  All connected with 1/4 X 20 bolts.

Newly chromed clutch cover and new lexan window.
Initially I polished the triangular engine brace and it turned out well but requires periodic touch up.  Decided to have it chromed.

Bling time courtesy of Ohlins..

Hated the yellow springs so here she is in black.


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