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Spring 06 completed projects:
1. New fork seals
2. New M1 Sportec front tire
3. New Galfer Stainless brake lines with proper end angles for R1 calipers.  No more twisted lines.

            old lines with twist

Been wanting to do something with rear blinkers for sometime now.  Always wondered if an led strip would fit inside the Lockhart Phillips
housing so tonight I tore into one and found out.
Cut the end cap off one end of the Radiantz strip and it fit.  Sealed in with silicone.
This pic shows the old internals removed and the new strip mounted.
With the lens on you cannot tell it's been modified.
final results of blink brightness

This new circuit is comprised of the 10 led Radiantz strip coupled to a dual element circuit.
NOTE: if your led's are "dual" element then no additional circuits are needed.  You only need the circuits mentioned if you are using
single element led's such as Radiantz brand.  Added a Kuryakyn load resistor pack to get my blink rate back.

Hi res photos taken by killboy.com at Deal's Gap during the Vstrom rally.

The next two pics below are crude, taken with digital camcorder but they show my new tail light design using the
newer generation clear lense led's from Radiantz.  The middle row has been replaced with smaller led's
which supplement the stock blinkers.  I have not finished wiring it so can't show brightness yet.

Back of the unit showing simplicity.
Very high resolution pics from Killboy.com showing new rear tail light with blinkers. 
These were taken on a very bright day so tough to judge how bright the new clear lensed leds from Radiantz are.

I took lots of pics at Deal's Gap with a throw away camera but only a few came out.

tackled the crimp repair this weekend.  Did not do a before voltage check but
afterwards yielded 13.75v at 900-1000rpm.

Veypor II test mount

sample screen shots (on a/c power)

Installing digital two wire flasher

Black wire from flasher goes to brown/white on vmax harness, red wire from flasher goes to  brown on vmax harness.  Install male spad connectors on flasher side and plug in, tape up.
This video shows the steady blink rate with the digital flasher.  All four blinkers are led, tail lights are all led and tag light is led.  Must install diode kit to prevent current bleeding across the dash blinker bulb.  Blinkers were upgraded to Kellermann micro 1000 in satin.

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