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Well I thought the internals of my 99 forks would transfer right over to the 2002 fork lowers but I have since found out differently.  There are two bolts/washers in the bottom of the new lowers which are different.
Also the dampening rods are different so those were recently ordered to hopefully complete this transfer.
Not a big deal, just a minor setback.  Thanks to Vinnie from the VMOA list on how to make this work!

So while it's still on blocks I decided to try these iridium plugs everyone has been talking about..

Be careful when gapping these plugs.. those tips will break off. 

Recently ordered a new rear shock mount stud since the old one had to come out before chroming...  I've heard it's pressed in and I've heard it's threaded.. Well let there be no doubt... it's threaded.

The 180 Metzeler has served me well back there but it's just not big enough.. Purchased the 190 Metz Z4 and had it mounted up.  Looks great and with the notched swingarm, I won't have to worry about fitment.

Below are pics of the Kawasaki drain plug if you want to pursue that oil pressure guage. Picked it up for about sixteen bucks. Kawasaki Part number 92001-1183

The billet tail light assembly has returned from Chromemasters.

This pic shows the dual element circuit you'll need to make the led's work properly.
running lights

brake lights

Forks are finally complete..

Those are 2002 Vmax fork lowers with 2002 dampening rods and bolts.. Everything else is right out of my 99 forks including the Racetech springs and emulators.

Pics here of the vent tube as removed and the newly chromed differential installed.

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